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propelier personalizes crowdsorced wisdom to automate
individualized self-development programs

Agile Personal Development
A community of practice supporting your competence self-improvement

Increase personal effectiveness by incorporating life-hacks (best practices) tailored specifically to your strengths, weaknesses, and career plan.


Boost teamwork, communication, and continuous adaptation using a kanban board to manage the personalized development of each group member.


Automate your mentorship program with a mix of internal and external best practices targeted to specific occupations and career plans to increase engagement.

Personal Kanban
A unified and prioritized view of all your individual, team, and corporate best practices crowdsourced from those with personal experience. Share your techniques, or tap onto experts to ask questions on how to convert practices into habits.
Competence Scorecard
A crowdsourced competence engine allowing self/360º/team assessments, ipsative/normative calculations, and measuring all types of traits including behavioral/technical competences, strengths, interests, values, and engagement measures.
Add-on Options
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Add-on Options
  • Dictionary Authoring
  • Account Practices
  • Public Assessments
  • Scorecard Printing
  • Weekly Monitoring
  • Chat Support
  • Group Coaching
  • Face-to-Face Interviews
  • Branding Control
  • Manage Candidates
  • Role-Based Security